YU-E20 UHF Vocal Wireless Microphone System

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1. Excellent audio dynamic input range.
2. AES 256 encrypted signal processing. 
3. supports up to 240 channels
4. Automatic frequency sweep t. 
5. UHF analog signal transmission.

YU-E20 Wireless Microphone DescriptionYU-E20 Wireless Microphone Description

1. Excellent audio dynamic input range, easy to retain every detail.
2. AES 256 encrypted signal processing, safe and reliable.
3. 60 MHz tuning bandwidth supports up to 240 channels.
4. Automatic frequency sweep to create the most reliable connection with the least time and effort.
5. UHF analog signal transmission, very little delay and strong compatibility.


YU-E20 wireless microphone pickup headYU-E20 wireless microphone pickup head

Vocal Pickup Head


The YU-E20 vocal wireless microphone adopts a customized version of the vocal pickup head, which has a large audio dynamic input range and can retain every detail without setting thesensitivity.


AES 256 Encryption


Built-in AES 256 encryption module, which can greatly improve the security of signal transmission.


Support 240 Channels


With up to 60 MHz tuning bandwidth and supporting up to 240 channels, the YU-E20 wireless microphone can be easily applied to various RF complex environments.



Automatic Frequency Sweep 


Through the one-key scan frequency function, you can quickly output the best channel of the signal, which greatly improves the use efficiency.



UHF analog signal transmission

The YU-E20 wireless microphone system uses UHF analog signal transmission, with very little delay, and can be compatible with multiple sets in the same place.


YU-E20 User Manual:


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What you will get:



Receiver: x1

Transmitter: x2

Transmitting Antenna: x2

Power adapter: x1

6.35 Audio cable: x1

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